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I’m Matias, founder of Kindermann Corp., a new indie studio from Argentina.

We’ve just finished our first game, PIXELMAN!™, which is out right now for Android, and coming very soon for iOS and Steam.

PIXELMAN™ is retro-styled high score chaser, where you control the title character in his mission to rescue the citizens of Pixville from  the evil Baron Von Pixel and his contraptions.

The gameplay is very simple: you tap to go up, release to go down, and you can also swipe to move faster (but with less accuracy!). Your goal is to rescue the citizens (both humans, dogs and cats!) to keep your heroic energy up, and also avoid crashing into buildings, traffic, and Von Pixel´s weapons and traps.

If you manage to rescue more than 5 people/animals in a row, you will enter combo mode, and receive extra points for each additional rescue!

The citizens of Pixville are counting on you!

The game features:
-State of the art (by 1987 standards) graphics!
-Catchy chiptune music! (That you can turn off, just in case).
-Incredible cape physics!
-Awesome pixel explosions!
-Mesmerizing animated light shows!

(Or -BEAUTIFUL ADS! If you’re playing the free version)

PIXELMAN™ comes in two flavors: the regular game ($1.99 with a 50% launch discount, so it’s only 99c for a few weeks!), and a Free Edition, which is basically the same game, but with ads and a guilt inducing story in between plays (my dog needs food, man!)

The paid version has no In Game Purchases, no timers, no limits. If you buy the game, you get the full experience.

The game was done using GIMP for the Pixelart, Audacity to edit the FX and music (composed in a Kaossilator 2), and Gamemaker, so it’s an example of how you can make a really fun game with a super low budget and a little ingenuity.

We would really appreciate it if you’d consider playing the game and letting your readers know what you think of it.

Pixelman_intro_022Pixelman_01 Pixelman_02 Pixelman_03 Pixelman_04 pixelman_cat